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Arnold Stanley is a leading and powerful brand in the consultancy sector with its global vision, which has been hosting prominent experts in different fields of the consultancy sector in Turkey since the 1990s.

With our consultancy units and partners, we offer comprehensive solution packages to your company’s consultancy needs. With our all-inclusive consultancy model, we offer consultancy services in the fields of tax law to labour law, from the legal advisory services to social compliance audits, from the investment consulting to business planning, from consultancy for benefiting from government incentives to educational services.

We offer consultancy services to our customers in a wide range of consultancy packages, which include all the consultancy needs you may have while investing in Turkey.

If you are planning to grow in the Turkish market, or to make new investment and in need for a corporate consultancy partner who offers you complete solutions packages, Arnold Stanley is the address for you.


Consultancy sector is in a constant change worldwide. While the companys’ needs are diversifying in a globalised world, new threats and opportunities are arising in the global business arena. As the number of global companies are increasing and cross-border business becoming the new norm, corporations do require more local expertise on the one hand and all-inclusive consultancy models on the other hand.

Turkey is a hub for global business. All the Africa, Middle East and Asia regional offices of multinational corporations are in Turkey. Today, almost 140 countries are being governed as Istanbul central.

Global brands do require consultancy in two main areas while operating in Turkey. First, is the local expertise on the Turkish legislation, legalities, bureaucracy, culture and society. The second, is the all-inclusive solution models to their consultancy needs from social responsibility audits to labour law, from HR management to consultancy on public supports and incentives.

Consultancy sector is dominated with monopolies. The so-called Big Four is offering solutions to the problems of global companies. Yet, what lacking is a local perspective combined with a corporate structure in their services. The current consultancy sector is lacking the local expertise on Turkey and failing to offer solutions to the diversified consultancy needs to their customers, with their cumbersome, slow and bureaucratic structure.
The Big Four is not sufficient in Turkey for global companies for satisfying their diversified consultancy needs and, more importantly, for enabling them to local expertise and local perspective.
ArnoldStanley is aiming to be your all-in-one-roof solution consulting partner. Our company philosophy is to combine local expertise with the global vision, as to fit the needs of global brands making business in Turkey. With our expert and acclaimed staff and partners, we are aiming to satisfy all of your consultancy needs swiftly and professionally.

If you failed by your consultancy partner or lacking the local expertise you need in Turkey call us to get a quotation from ArnoldStanley. ArnoldStanley want to be your long term local partner in Turkey.


Dedicated to Your BusinessOur Team is
Our Strength

By working with us, you can get all consultancy services you need under one roof while making business in Turkey. Stanley Arnold, is the enterprise solution partner in Turkey for those seeking for a corporate partner of consulting with an all-inclusive, comprehensive services packages combining local expertise with global vision.

Managing Partner & Labour Law ConsultantAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resul Kurt

With his expertise in Turkish social security law and labour law more than two decades, Mr. Kurt is one of the leading figures of consultancy sector in Turkey. With more than twenty published bookd his speciality is on the Turkish labour law and social security law.


Solicitor & Legal ConsultantAtty. Hüseyin KARATAŞ

Mr. Hüseyin KARATAŞ is one of the solution partners of ArnoldStanley as specialised in Turkish Collective Bargaining and Union Law. He has expertise in trade unions and collective bargaining for more than two decades.


Leading Turquality ExpertDr. Salim Çam

As one of the leading figures in Turquality Consultancy, Dr. Salim Çam is a strong partner of ArnoldStanley. His speaciality is in Turquality, branding policies, brand management and public supports for Turquality certificates.


Trademark and Brand AttorneyOrhan Eriman

As specialised in global and local trademark and patent applications, Mr. Orhan Eriman is at your service among ArnoldStanley partners. He is a brand attorney both for Turkish legislation and for the EU and overseas trademarks and patents.


Attorney-at-LawAttr. Serpil Özcan

With her almost two-decades experience in law, Miss Serpil Özcan is a attorney-in-law and legal consultant partner of ArnoldStanley.


Independent accountant and financial advisorDemet Mualla Kırmızı

With 15 years of experience in the field of accountany, Miss Demet Kırmızı is a leading figure in financial advisory and accountacy education.


Investment Consultant & Citizenship ExpertAkın Atalay

As a professional at MÜSİAD for more than five years and as the CEO of Elite Citizenship and Investment Consultancy, Mr. Akın Atalay is a seniour expert on investment to Turkey, citizenship by investment, real estate consultancy, residence permit and work permits.


Certified Public AccountantFatih Atasoy

With more than two-decades experience, Mr. Fatih Atasoy is a brand of trusty in public accountancy sector. He is specialised in trade law and chartered public accountancy.


Independent Auditor & Chartered AccountantMehmet Erden

With the expertise in Turkish social security law and labour law, Mr. Kurt is one of the leading figures of consultancy sector in Turkey.


Chartered Accountant & Financial AdvisorHasan ERARSLAN

With decades of experience in the Turkish Ministry of Finance as an chief inspector Mr. Hasan Erarslan is a prominent chartered accountant and financial advisor of Turkey.


Computer Engineer/CEOKezban Boztürk

With her experience in ERP more than 20 years, Kezban Bozturk accompanies the entire digital transformation journey of companies with her experienced staff in Turkey.


Solicitor & Legal ConsultantAtty. Yeşim METİNOĞLU

Miss Yeşim METİNOĞLU is one of the solution partners of ArnoldStanley as a well-known legal consultant in Turkey.


Leader OHS ExpertYasin Korkmaz

As the General Manager of Cankurt OHS, LLC. Mr. Yasin KORKMAZ is a leading figure in occupational health and safety sector.


Professor of Industrial RelationsProf. Dr. Abdülkadir ŞENKAL

As a Professor of Industrial Relations, Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir ŞENKAL is one of the leading figures in academic HR coaching and industrial relations systems.


Consultant for Government IncentivesKeramettin AYDIN

With the expertise in government incentives and supports, Mr. Keramettin AYDIN is a partner of ArnoldStanley for your projects to be supported by public incentives.


ICF Certified CoachAhmet ÖZMEN

As a ICF Certified Coach, Mr. Ahmet Özmen is one of the leading figures in Turkey for social compliance audits, social responsibility and internal brand audits in Turkey.


Customs Consultant & Former AuditorSezai KAYA

With his long years of expertise in the field of Turkish Customs legislation as a former Customs Inspector, Mr. Sezai KAYA is a leading expert and auditor of customs.


Accounts ManagerMurat YANIK

As an accounts manager Mr. Murat YANIK have more than a decade of experience in the media and industry associations. Mr. Yanik is also been General Coordinator of the High Advisory Board at Russian Economy, Science and Technology Council.


Corporate Social Responsibility ExpertHakan CABER

With almost two decades of expertise in the Turkish textile and garment sector, Mr Hakan CABER is one of the leading figures in the issues of corporate social responsibility, social complaince and internal brand audits in Turkey.


Occupational Safety ExpertEsra DAYIOĞLU

As an experienced B-Class OHS expert, Miss Esra DAYIOĞLU is the coordinator at Cankurt Joint Health and Safety Unit managing a teams of OHS Turkeywide.


R&D ManagerZekiye AYDOĞAN

As an experienced Research and Development Manager, Miss Zekiye AYDOĞAN is an expert on quality management system, research and product innovation.


International Social Security ExpertBünyamin ESEN

With more than a decade of experience in social security audit in the public sector, Mr. Bunyamin ESEN is an expert on social security incentives and supports, international social security agreements, foreigner employee compliance and work permits in Turkey.


Occupational Health and Safety ExpertsOHS Experts & Occupational Physicians

ArnoldStanley is working with many Occupational Health and Safety Experts and Occupational Physicians within the sector of provision of OHS services in Turkey.


Environmental Engineer and ConsultantMahir GÜNAL

As  an expert environmental engineer, Mr. Mahir GÜNAL is the manager of Serra Environmental Consultancy. His specialities are on compliance to environmental legislation, environmental impact assessment audit, environmental measurements and hazardous substance safety.


Social Security Inspector & Incentives ExpertMahmut YILDIRIM

As an chartered accountant and former social security inspector, Mr. Mahmut YILDIRIM has speaciality in incentives of the Social Security Institution and on workplace audits.


Academic & Consultant for IncentivesKenan KELEŞ

As a member of faculty at Kocaeli University, Mr Kenan Keleş is an expert on the support programmes of the Turkish Labour and Employment Agency, especially at MEGİP and İEP Programmes.


Social Security Experts and Labour ExpertsAcademics

Arnold Stanley is working with professors of Social Security Law and Labour Law who are well-known in their own field in Turkey.

More than Just Business


Arnold Stanley combines local expertise with a global vision. Our goal is to be our customers' long-term solution partner and expert companion in Turkey.
Solicitory Services
We are at your service for legal processes with our expert legal-solicitor partners.
Human Resources
We offer human resource management consultancy in Turkey with an institutional perspective.
Labour Law Consultancy
With our long years of experience, we are offering expertise in the Turkish labour and social security law.
Business Strategy Consultancy
We offer strategic consulting services for your investment needs in Turkey.
Start Ups
Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric outside the box thinking.
Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or "organic".

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        2020 Copyright by ArnoldStanley. All rights reserved.

        2020 Copyright by ArnoldStanley. All rights reserved.