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-The Company communicates its written or oral consultancy service on labor law, collective labor law, social security legislation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and Social Security Institution (SGK) practices as soon as possible.

-To contribute by examining the texts to be prepared by the company on Labor Law and Social Security issues

-Communicating its opinions regarding the consultancy service requested in writing or orally by the company in written or oral form as soon as possible.

-Advising the employer in the organization of the fulfillment of legal obligations that may arise in the inspector examinations and inspections (inspection) to be carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Social Security Institution.

– Supporting company lawyers in legal processes related to labor law and social security, providing opinions on the issue.

– If the company deems it necessary, presenting opinions personally in meetings related to working life, industrial relations, business, and social security.

– Providing technical assistance in employee-employer disputes, informing the employer about the issues that the employer should pay attention to in accordance with the labor legislation in written and orally, and preparing the correspondence and minutes if requested by the company.

– Providing consultancy to companies, labor and employer unions, law offices on social insurance, labor law legislation, collective bargaining, and union issues.

– Consultancy on the evaluation of the Employment Agreements within the scope of the legal legislation and the necessary transactions in the Transfer-Merger-Division-Closure Applications of the Workplaces,

– Consultancy in Collective Dismissals,

– Solution Partnership for Preparing Protective Agreements and Implementation Problems (non-competition, confidentiality,…) between Senior Managers and Companies

– Providing Consultancy Services Regarding Maritime Labor Law and Press Labor Law,

– Application and Regulatory Compliance Consultancy such as Termination, Notice, Seniority, Annual Leave

– Periodic monthly / quarterly audits on the documents to be provided by the employer regarding the obligations related to the work and social security legislation in the workplace and submitting the results to the company with a report.

– Presenting the results of the audit and the deficiencies made on business and social security risks to the management with a report

– Making opinions and suggestions regarding the minimum workmanship calculations in the projects under the commitment of the company, making and conducting the minimum workmanship examinations, obtaining the indemnity certificates from the SGK.

– Preparation and Inspection of Employment Contracts and Personal Files in Compliance with Legislation.

– Consultancy on Solving Problems That May Occur From Work Accidents.

– Resolution of Disputes Under Social Security and Labor Legislation.

– Peaceful Resolution of Disputes Between Employer and Employee,

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      2020 Copyright by ArnoldStanley. All rights reserved.

      2020 Copyright by ArnoldStanley. All rights reserved.