Employers’ Responsibility to Conduct a Risk Assessment and Prepare an Emergency Action Plan

March 7, 2024by Bünyamin Esen0

The primary law regarding occupational health and safety in Turkey is the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 of 2012.

According to Law No. 6331, one of the obligations of employers is to make a risk assessment regarding the workplace and to carry out controls, measurements and research regarding occupational health and safety (OHS) in the workplace.

The employer is obliged to make or have a risk assessment made in terms of occupational health and safety. Risk Assesment Document must be prepared and kept collected in the workplace. The following points are taken into account when performing a risk assessment:

  • The situation of employees who will be affected by certain risks.
  • Selection of work equipment and chemicals and preparations to be used.
  • The organization and order of the workplace.
  • The situation of groups that require special policies, such as young, elderly, disabled, pregnant or breastfeeding employees, and female employees.

The employer determines the OHS measures to be taken and the protective equipment or equipment to be used as a result of the risk assessment. Working styles and production methods which are being applied in the workplace should also be considered while preparing the risk assesment. The risk assesment aims to increase the level of protection of employees in terms of health and safety and should be applicable at all levels of the administrative structure of the workplace.

The employer ensures that the necessary controls, measurements, examinations and research are carried out to determine the risks to the working environment and employees in this environment in terms of OHS.

According to the law, the employer also has the obligation to prepare an emergency plan.

Accordingly, the employer is obliged to take the following measures:

  • The employer evaluates possible emergencies in advance by taking into account the working environment, substances used, work equipment and environmental conditions, determines possible and probable emergencies that may affect employees and the working environment, and takes measures to prevent and limit their negative effects.
  • The employer makes the necessary measurements and evaluations and prepares emergency plans to protect against the negative effects of emergencies.
  • In order to combat emergencies, the employer must take into account the size of the workplace and the special hazards it carries, the nature of the work performed, the number of employees and other people in the workplace.
  • He/she assigns a sufficient number of people who are appropriately equipped and trained in prevention, protection, evacuation, fire fighting, first aid and similar subjects, provides tools and equipment, carries out training and drills, and ensures that the teams are always ready.

Bünyamin Esen

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