İŞKUR’s Active Labour Force Programmes

February 14, 2024by Bünyamin Esen0

Active Labour Programmes are one of the main tools of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) for increasing employability of the unemployed and to ease their access to the Turkish Labour Market.

Within this context, İŞKUR provides vocational training courses, on-the-job training programmes, programmes for the benefit of the society and other courses, programmes, projects and services within the scope of active labour force services. These services aim to help maintain and increase employment, improve the professional qualifications of the unemployed, reduce unemployment and bring groups that require special policies into the labour market.

İŞKUR’s Main Activities within the Scope of Active Labour Programmes

The following programmes are the main activities of İŞKUR within the scope of Active Labour Programmes:

  • Vocational Training Courses
  • On-the-Job Training Programmes
  • Community Benefit Programmes

In addition to these, İŞKUR gives the following services to the unemployed as well:

  • Vocational Training of Employees
  • Social Work Programmes
  • Special Policies and Practices for Special Unemployed Groups
  • Protected Workplaces for the Disabled
  • Support for Disabled and Ex-Convicts to Start their Own Business
  • Projects on Support Technologies that will enable disabled people to find employment
  • Projects for Placement of Disabled Persons in Work and Ensuring Their Adaptation to Work and the Workplace
  • Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Projects Aiming to Increase the Employability of Disabled People.


Expenses Covered within the Active Labour Programmes

No fee or contribution under any name is taken from those who participate in the organized activities. All expenses related to Active Labour Programme activities are covered by İŞKUR.

In addition, payments are made to those who benefit from the activities in order to meet their mandatory needs such as food during the training or participation. In Community Benefit Programs, these payments are at the national net minimum wage level.


Certification in Active Labour Programmes

Those who attend the courses are given an internationally valid professional qualification certificate. In cases where this is not possible, a course completion certificate or certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education or a University is given.

Unemployed people who receive education are employed in private sector workplaces according to the profession they were trained in and job openings.

Those who participate in on-the-job training programmes are given an On-the-Job Training Programme Certificate.

Bünyamin Esen

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