Optional Social Insurance in Turkey

December 4, 2023by Bünyamin Esen0

Optional social insurance is one of the applications provided by the Turkish Social Security Regime for Turkish citizens. From Turkish citizens, those residing in Turkey and those residing in countries where social security agreements have not been signed with Turkey can become “optionally social insured” as fulfilling the following conditions:

  • To be18 years of age and older.
  • Not be be working in a way that requires being within the compulsory social insurance as to be subjected to the Social Insurance and General Health Insuranc Act No. 5510.
  • To be social insured but work less than 30 days a month or do not work full time.
  • To not receive disability or old-age pension according to social security laws in Turkey due to his/her own insurance.

Those who continued to have optional insurance in accordance with the repealed laws before the effective date of the Social Insurance and General Healthcare Insurance Act No. 5510, continue to have optional insurance within the scope of the Act No. 5510 without the need for any action.


Where and how to apply?

Those who want to become optionally insured for the first time must apply to the social security provincial directorates/social security centers where they reside with the “Optional Insurance Entry Declaration”, a sample of which is included in the annex of the Social Insurance Procedures Regulation of the Social Security Institution. It is possible to apply online via e-Government system as well.

Insured individuals who wish to become optionally insured again will need to apply with a request letter.


When does optional insurance start?

Optional insurance begins from the day following the date on which the application petition/form is transferred to the Social Security Institution’s records.


How much premium do optionally insured people pay?

Optional insurance premium is determined according to the daily earnings amount declared by the insured, provided that it remains between the lower limit and the upper limit of the daily earnings subject to premium.

The optional insurance premium rate is 32% of the monthly premium determined by the insured, between the lower limit and the upper limit of the earnings subject to premium. 20% of this premium is disability, old-age and survivors insurance premium, and 12% is general health insurance premium. Accordingly, for the second half of the year 2023; the minimum monthly premium amount that must be paid by an optional insured who declares earnings based on the lower limit of daily earnings subject to premium is TRL 4,288.00. This amount is subjected to increase as the monthly national minimum wage increases.

If the insured does not pay the premium for the month within 12 months at the latest, the opportunity to pay the premium debt for that month disappears and service cannot be provided to the insured for the relevant month for which the premium debt is not paid.


How does optional insurance end?

Optional insurance end in the following conditions:

  • For those who request to terminate their optional insurance, from the day following the last day the premium was paid.
  • For those who request a pension, from the date of allocation request, provided that they are entitled to a pension,
  • For those who have deceased, from the date of death.


Evaluation of optional insurance period in terms of status insurance status

Those who have optional insurance for the first time as of 1st of October, 2008 and those who have paid optional insurance premiums subject to Laws No. 506, No. 1479 and No. 2926, the periods for which optional insurance premiums have been paid after 1st of October, 2008, are subject to the first paragraph of the Article 4 of Law No. 5510. Thus, the optional insurance payment periods are being considered within the scope of the 4/1-(b) social insurance status.

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