Temporary Incapacity Allowance in Turkey

October 11, 2023by Bünyamin Esen0

Within the scope of the welfare state arrangements, social security systems are an integral part of any modern society, aimed at providing financial support to individuals who find themselves unable to work due to various reasons, such as temporary or permanent illness, injury, or disability. In Turkey, the Social Security Institution (SGK) plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the welfare of its citizens. Among the numerous benefits and allowances provided by the SGK, the Temporary Incapacity Allowance is a vital component, ensuring financial support to insured individuals facing temporary incapacity.

Temporary Incapacity Allowance: An Overview

The Temporary Incapacity Allowance, as administered by the Social Security Institution of Turkey, is designed to support insured who experience temporary incapacity due to illness or injury, which temporarily restricts their ability to work and earn an income. As being implemented within the scope of the short-term social insurance branches, this allowance is a crucial aspect of the Turkish social security system, providing financial relief to those in need during their incapacitation.


Eligibility Criteria

To receive the Temporary Incapacity Allowance, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria established in the Social Insurance and General Healthcare Insurance Code No. 4857. The primary requirements include:

  1. Membership in the Social Security System: Applicants must be registered members of the Turkish social security system, which encompasses various sectors, including employees and self-employed individuals. In this regard, the insured must be within the scope of the illness insurance which is a sub-branch of the short-term social insurance branches.
  2. Incapacity Due to Illness or Injury: Applicants must provide medical documentation proving their temporary incapacity due to an illness or injury. The medical report must be from a valid and accepted healthcare provider, a GP or an expert practitioner.
  3. Waiting Period: Except for the temporary incapacity due to work accident or occupational diseases, the allowance is being paid as to start from the third day of incapacity. The first two days are not being covered by the insurance branch.
  4. Fulfilling the Contribution Period: To be eligible, individuals must meet certain conditions related to their work history and contribution period, depending on their employment status (employee, self-employed, etc.).

Benefits and Duration

The Temporary Incapacity Allowance aims to replace a portion of the income that individuals lose during their period of incapacity. The exact amount of the allowance is calculated based on the individual’s average daily earnings and the duration of their incapacity. This daily benefit aims to provide essential financial support to cover living expenses and medical costs during the period of temporary incapacity.

The duration of the Temporary Incapacity Allowance is determined by the individual’s medical condition and the assessment of medical experts. The SGK conducts periodic medical evaluations to determine whether the individual’s incapacity is still temporary or if it has become permanent, in which case, other social security benefits may come into play, such as permanent incapacity benefit.

The temporary incapacity benefit to be given in case of work accident, occupational disease, illness and maternity of the insured woman is half of the daily earnings of the insured to be calculated in inpatient treatments and two-thirds in outpatient treatments.


Application Process

Applying for the Temporary Incapacity Allowance involves several steps. The applicant must first obtain a medical report from a healthcare provider indicating the nature and duration of the incapacity. They then submit this medical report to their employer or social security representative. Employers typically assist with the application process, as they are responsible for forwarding the necessary documents to the SGK. The declaration of the employer is sought to understood whether the employee have actually worked during the temporary incapacity period or not.

After the application is approved, eligible individuals will start receiving the Temporary Incapacity Allowance, which is paid to the name of the insured to the PTT offices.


In conclusion, the Temporary Incapacity Allowance, provided by the Social Security Institution of Turkey, is a vital component of the country’s social security system. It offers essential financial support to individuals facing temporary incapacity due to illness or injury, helping them maintain their financial stability during challenging times. While the system has its challenges, it remains a crucial safety net for those who require temporary relief from their work responsibilities due to incapacitating conditions. As an important part of the Turkish Social Insurance System, Temporary Incapacity Allowance remains effective in providing support to those in need.

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