Turkish Employment Agency’s Role

September 20, 2023by Bünyamin Esen0

The Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR), established in 1946, plays a crucial role in the Turkish labor market by connecting job seekers with employment opportunities and supporting the country’s economic growth. İŞKUR’s multifaceted employment activities are designed to address the evolving needs of the workforce, enhance job market efficiency, and foster social inclusion. İŞKUR’s one of the main activity is to facilitate employment and to support labour market development.


Job Placement and Matching

One of the primary functions of İŞKUR is to facilitate job placement for job seekers across various sectors. The agency operates an extensive network of local offices, which serve as hubs for job seekers to access information, counseling, and job listings. Through its online portal, İŞKUR maintains an up-to-date database of job vacancies, making it easier for job seekers to find employment that matches their qualifications and preferences.

İŞKUR employs advanced matching algorithms to connect job seekers with suitable employers, ensuring a more efficient allocation of labor resources. By streamlining the job search process, İŞKUR not only reduces unemployment but also helps businesses find skilled and motivated employees, contributing to increased productivity and competitiveness.


Vocational Training and Skill Development

İŞKUR recognizes the importance of equipping job seekers with the necessary skills to meet the demands of today’s job market. To address this, the agency offers a wide range of vocational training programs. These programs are designed to enhance the employability of individuals, particularly those with limited skills or outdated qualifications. İŞKUR collaborates with various educational institutions and employers to develop training courses that align with industry needs.

Moreover, İŞKUR’s vocational training programs often focus on emerging sectors, such as IT & information technology, renewable energy, and healthcare, thereby helping job seekers transition into high-demand fields. This emphasis on skill development not only benefits individual job seekers but also bolsters Turkey’s overall human capital, driving economic growth.


Supportin Vulnerable Groups towards Employment

İŞKUR recognizes the unique challenges faced by certain demographic groups, including persons with disabilities, youth, and refugees. To address the specific needs of these populations, İŞKUR has implemented targeted employment programs and initiatives. For instance, the agency collaborates with disability organizations to promote the inclusion of disabled individuals in the workforce through specialized job training and placement services.

Additionally, İŞKUR’s support for youth employment includes internships, apprenticeships, and career guidance services, enabling young people to enter the job market with confidence. Moreover, İŞKUR has played a vital role in integrating Syrian refugees into the Turkish labor force by offering them employment opportunities and language training, which benefits both refugees and the host community.

Economic Impact of Employment Policies

İŞKUR’s employment activities have a profound impact on Turkey’s economy. By reducing unemployment and underemployment, İŞKUR contributes to increased consumer spending, tax revenue, and overall economic stability. The agency’s efforts to match skilled workers with employers lead to higher labor productivity, which can enhance the country’s global competitiveness.

Furthermore, İŞKUR’s focus on vocational training and skill development aligns with Turkey’s goals of transitioning to a knowledge-based economy. As workers acquire new skills and qualifications, they become better positioned to contribute to sectors driving innovation and technological advancement, which are crucial for long-term economic growth.


In conclusion, The Turkish Employment Agency, İŞKUR, plays a pivotal role in facilitating employment opportunities, vocational training, and social inclusion. Its multifaceted approach to addressing the diverse needs of the workforce not only reduces unemployment but also fosters economic growth, enhances human capital, and promotes inclusivity. İŞKUR’s commitment to connecting job seekers with employers and providing tailored support to vulnerable groups underscores its vital role in shaping Turkey’s labor market and contributing to the nation’s prosperity.


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