Why professional services for recruitment processes?

May 30, 2022by Bünyamin Esen0

The human resources recruitment process should be carried out to certain standards. Recruitment process stages include finding, selecting and recruiting human resources. Internal and external resources can be utilized while recruiting the human resources required by the company.

Although both methods have various advantages and disadvantages, the recruiter; can choose the most appropriate method in accordance with the job description, expectations and the structure of the institution. Outsourcing is generally preferred by companies where there is a rapid change in the sector and the competition is increasing. Companies considering an economical recruitment may turn to internal resources.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment Process

Employees are promoted when the human resources recruitment process will be carried out with internal resources. In this case, serious increases can be observed in terms of morale and motivation in the employees who are promoted. It also provides a much better assessment of inner abilities. It can be easier to achieve company goals by bringing existing employees to different roles. In this case, it may be necessary to provide new employment on behalf of entry-level jobs.

Implementing the recruitment process with internal resources may have advantages as well as various disadvantages. First of all, employees who are not promoted may experience a decrease in motivation. There may also be some political friction during promotions. In addition to these, when such an application will be made, it may be necessary to plan an executive development program within the company. Companies that cannot afford such risks may prefer outsourcing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing the Recruitment Process

Outsourcing the recruitment of the personnel needed by the company in the human resources recruitment processes will bring a brand-new perspective to the company as it will be a new blood. Besides, this method is much faster and cheaper than training professionals. In addition, this technique does not include any political supporters on behalf of the business. However, outsourcing also has some disadvantages within the company.

Among these disadvantages are; there is a possibility that a personnel who is not suitable for the institution and the job will be selected. At the same time, internal candidates may experience some moral disturbances due to the lack of promotion. Moreover, the orientation process of new personnel may take a long time. In some companies, flexible staff can be employed instead of permanent staff. This can provide several advantages in the recruitment process.

When internal resources and recruitment techniques are applied, current employees for human resources or candidates who have applied for a job before but have not been hired are focused on. While the recruitment processes are carried out with internal resources, the company calls for an internal job posting. In addition, employees can be promoted or transferred between departments. During the process, applications are evaluated and recruitment is carried out.


Outsourcing Recruitment Channels

Human resources department; can post job advertisements using media channels within the scope of recruitment procedure. In this context, media such as magazines, television, newspapers or radio can be preferred.

Today, with the increase in the use of the internet, the choice of the internet as a channel among the human resources recruitment techniques comes to the fore. Related department job posting; online platforms, corporate website or via e-mail.

The recommendations of the people working in the company are also one of the important resources used during recruitment. In some institutions, various gifts or bonuses are given to the recommending company employee as a result of the recruitment.

Educational institutions, trade unions, chambers of commerce, chambers of industry and employment agencies such as the Turkish Employment Agency are among the recruitment channels for external resources.



We are preparing all the necessary infrastructure for recruitment:

  • Creation of Human Resources Managing System
  • Determination of White Collar and Blue Collar Recruitment Criteria
  • Preparation of White Collar and Blue Collar “Recruitment Processes and Procedures”
  • Creation of White Collar and Blue Collar “Orientation Programs”
  • Preparation of Recruitment Standard Forms

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