Old-Age Pension in Turkey for the Elderly

June 7, 2022by Bünyamin Esen0

The ability to work together decreases in old age, naturally. This physiological change is being accepted as a social risk according to the Turkish Social Insurance Regime.

Due to the decrease in working power, it becomes difficult to sustain life by earning income for the individual. For this reason, ‘old age’ is accepted as a risk in the Turkish social security practice and a pension is paid if the necessary conditions are met.

On the other hand, it is not possible for informal employees to retire if they get old. Especially if they do not have a certain accumulation, it becomes completely difficult for them to maintain their lives. Taking into account the difficult situation of the citizens in this situation if they get old, they are paid under certain conditions without expecting any compensation. This pension is called 65 pension among the people.

Who can benefit from the 65-years-old Pension?

65 pension is legally defined as living completed the age of 65, does not have any legal dependents, does not benefit from any income or pension right under any name from any of the social security institutions, does not have any alimony or cannot be attached, does not have any permanent income that is bound by a court decision or directly by law, and It is given to Turkish citizens who prove their neediness with the documents they will receive from the Provincial or District Foundation Board of Trustees, as long as they are alive.

In the determination of the end of the age of 65, the birth dates of the relevant persons in the population registry records are taken as basis. Corrections to be made in the date of birth and corrections made within one year of the publication of the 65-year-old law (1976) are not taken into account.


Application and required documents for monthly

The elderly person who will apply for MONTHLY, must apply together with the identity document containing the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation’s T.C ID number in the place of residence.

Required Documents;

1) Application Form (The monthly request petition and the goods declaration document in this form will be filled and signed by the monthly requester.)

2) Certificate of need, (if the certificate of residence certificate and a copy of the registered birth certificate are filled, signed and sealed by the authorities), and

3) In cases where the pension request is made by the guardian, a guardianship decision from the court is required.

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