Costs to Employers of Employing Foreigners in Turkey

January 7, 2023by Bünyamin Esen0

It is not enough for foreign nationals to come to Turkey by obtaining a visa or obtain a residence permit in order to work legally in Turkey. Foreign nationals must obtain a valid “Work Permit” or “Work Permit Exemption Certificate” in order to work in Turkey. In addition, foreign national press members must obtain an additional “Press Card”.

For foreigners who do not have a valid residence permit or who are living abroad, it is necessary to apply for a work permit through the Turkish consulates in the country of citizenship or residence. For those who are legally in Turkey, if they are going to work with an employer, their employers must apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. If the foreigner will work as independent, the application must be made by the foreigner personally to the Ministry.

In the last two years, between 125 thousand and 150 thousand foreigners have been getting work permits annually in Turkey. So many more people apply, but they are not granted a permit. In other words, Turkey is one of the popular destinations for foreigners who prefer to work abroad.

However, the cost of employing foreigners in Turkey is increasing, in the recent years.

With the last update, the work permit fee has become at least 3 thousand Liras per work permit. Indefinite work permit is applied as 30 thousand Liras in 2023, ten times of this figure. In addition, TRL 356 will be paid as valuable paper fee.

Minimum Minimum Wage for Foreign Employees

In addition, people who employ a foreign national in Turkey are required to pay higher wages than those who are Turkish citizens. Accordingly, foreigners should be paid a minimum wage between 1.5 times and 6.5 times the minimum wage.

The monthly national minimum wage currently applied in Turkey is 10 thousand 8 TL in gross. However, this lower limit is higher for foreign nationals. Accordingly, although the minimum wage is enough for a foreinger who will work in domestic services, for foreigners to work in other professions it is obligatory to pay a minimum wage of 15 thousand 12 liras. Likewise, the minimum wage of a foreign teacher is 30 thousand 24 liras. For engineers and architects the minimum wage is 40 thousand 32 Liras. Similarly, the minimum salary of a foreign senior executive is 65 thousand 52 liras. Likewise, the minimum salary of a foreign aircraft pilot is 65 thousand 52 liras. The employment contract signed with the foreigner must not be less than the above-mentioned amounts, otherwise the work permit application is being rejected.


Administrative Fines for Employing Unauthorized Foreigners

If employers employ foreigners without a valid work permit (even if the foreigner has a valid residence permit), a fine of 35 thousand 815 liras is imposed on them. An administrative fine of 14 thousand 318 Liras is also imposed on the foreigner who works without permission next to the employer.

Foreigners who open a workplace without a work permit and work independently on their own behalf and account are also subject to a fine of 28 thousand 655 Liras. In case of detection, foreigners working without a valid work permit are also deported from the country and an entry ban is imposed for them.

Bünyamin Esen

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