Intermediary Services for Employers to Take Workers Abroad

February 19, 2024by Bünyamin Esen0

Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) provides intermediary services for employers to find Turkish workers to take to work in jobs abroad.

These services includes, meeting the labour demands of Turkish and foreign employers for employment in their businesses abroad; carrying out the procedures of job seekers who apply to work abroad; giving advertising permission to employers to meet their workforce needs; transactions of private employment agencies regarding the regulation of foreign employment services. İŞKUR deals with the regulatioon and approval of overseas service contracts.


Principles Regarding Overseas Employment Services

Foreign affairs and transactions are carried out by İŞKUR’s Provincial Directorates or local Service Centers.

It is mandatory for employers to sign a foreign service contract, a copy of which is prepared by İŞKUR, between the workers they employ directly, through their Provincial Directorates/Service Centers or private employment agencies, or the representatives they appoint, and have it approved by the Provincial Directorates/Service Centers. The provisions in these service contracts cannot be changed. However, the employer provides the worker with information about the working conditions valid in the country to which the worker will be taken, provided that the minimum rights listed in this service contract are reserved.

Provincial Directorates/Service Centers are authorized to take the necessary measures, provided that they do not contradict the procedures and principles specified in the relevant legislation, in order to meet the requests for foreign labour force submitted to the Agency.

Overseas Labour Requests

The employer applies to the Provincial Directorate/Service Center to meet foreign labour demands from the Institution’s records or to take its own workers to the jobs they receive from abroad and to have their contracts approved.


Documents to be Submitted by Employers

In order to meet the workforce demand or to obtain advertising permission, employers are required to submit the following documents to the Labour and Employment Agency Provincial Directorates/Service Centers.


Documents to be Required from Turkish Employers to Take Workers Abroad

  • Trade Registry Gazette sample
  • For contracting works, a letter or Work Receipt Certificate to be obtained from the authorized unit in the country where the work is taken.
  • For works other than contracting works, a letter or Certificate of Conformity from the authorized unit indicating the number of workers to be employed in the workplace.
  • The Foreign Contractor Certificate or Temporary Foreign Contractor Certificate obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, for the companies that will cary out projects including jobs such as facility, maintenance and repair works abroad; industrial and technological manufacturing, installation and assembly works; operation, management and maintenance works; from companies that will carry out project, engineering and consultancy works.
  • Document proving that companies ensure the social security of workers in accordance with the provisions of the social security legislation in force.
  • In cases where transactions will be carried out through an attorney, the original copy of the power of attorney or authorization document showing that the person is authorized to sign service contracts, determine fees and carry out all other transactions before the Agency, or a copy of it to be approved by the Institution unit after the original is seen.
  • For workers to be taken abroad by Turkish companies within the scope of the main employer-subcontractor relationship, the petition of the main employer who received the job stating that he/she has transferred the work and the subcontractor agreement.
  • In case of taking a job from Israel, Permit to Bring Foreign Workers (Şerut Ha Taasuka) issued by the Israeli Employment Directorate and approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Bünyamin Esen

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