Patent and Trademark Registration in Turkey

February 17, 2022by Bünyamin Esen0

Today, it is necessary to work in different jobs. In particular, entrepreneurs can make significant gains in the free market by creating their own brands. In addition, significant success can be achieved thanks to a correctly planned brand. What is trademark registration, how is it done and obtained? We have compiled all the details for you.

Trademark registration is the application of a trademark to take on all the rights and responsibilities of the person. Entrepreneurs can register their own brands by making the right application.


What is Trademark Registration?

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, brands have gained much more importance. The primary need of every branded product and design is to become a brand. A person and business that owns a brand also assumes all rights and responsibilities related to that brand. It is necessary to take legal action to obtain all the rights of this trademark. For this, the trademark owner must register the trademark. In addition, businesses need to differentiate from other companies while producing goods or services.

Every business should have its own brand. It is very important to register a brand so that these brands are not used by other companies and companies are not confused. By registering a trademark, the use of these trademarks by other companies is prevented. If a trademark is registered, a license can be granted and these trademarks can be inherited.

How to Register and Obtain a Trademark in Turkey?

Firms or individuals first apply to the Turkish Patent Institute when registering a trademark. For this, all documents must be prepared in full. The documents are delivered to the Turkish Patent Institute. As of this period, the application becomes final and the trademark title is protected. According to the research conducted by the Institute, an additional period of 2 months is given to the company in case of any deficiency. If the missing documents are not completed within this 2-month period, the trademark registration application may also be cancelled.

After all required documents are examined, the application is evaluated in accordance with the procedure. If the application of the person or the company is considered in accordance with the procedure, this trademark is published through the Official Trademark Bulletin. Accordingly, the registration record of the brand is created at the last stage. In addition, the Trademark Registration Certificate and the trademark registration record are delivered to the owner. Trademark registration will be completed in this way.


Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution

Patent and trademark registration is under the control of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution in Turkey.

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution (as in Turkish: Türk Patent ve Marka Kurumu) (as abbreviation TURKPATENT) is an intellectual property organization with a special budget being attached to the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey. Established on June 24, 1994, in Ankara as an independent legal entity, the Institution is the responsible authority for establishing and protecting of industrial property rights, as well as providing the public with the worldwide information on industrial property rights.

In October 2016, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office has been appointed as International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

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