Why trademark registration is important?

March 7, 2022by Bünyamin Esen0

Trademark registration gives the owner a monopoly for the registered goods and services. Although this is the most well-known importance and benefit of trademark registration, there are many important rights provided by registering the trademark. Let’s take a look at them together:

First of all, let’s remember what the brand means; “The trademark can be displayed in the registry in such a way as to enable the goods or services of an undertaking to be distinguished from those of other undertakings and to provide a clear and precise understanding of the subject of the protection afforded to the trademark owner, provided that words, shapes, colors, letters, numbers, sounds and goods or services, including personal names, may consist of any sign, including the form of their packaging. “Brands also represent products or services. Brands, which are the most important real estate values ​​of companies, provide prestige and legal advantages.

It ensures that they are always one step ahead by protecting businesses against imitation and competition. Most importantly, all the rights of a registered trademark belong to the trademark owner and third parties cannot use it unless they allow it. The owner of the brand can transfer, license, pledge, pledge and use the legal rights on the brand if he wishes.

Other Important Advantages of Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration is an Element of Trust

A brand you will acquire in the sector will put you ahead of your competitors, create an element of trust for the consumer, increase your income source by making the choice easier.

Provides a Monopoly with the Industry Along with the Name Rights

Trademark registration provides not only the protection of your own trademark, but also legal rights that prevent the registration and use of similar trademarks that are indistinguishable from the registered trademark.

Government Incentives, Quality Certificates and Many Production Permits Required

Trademark registration allows you to benefit from government incentives, obtain quality certificates (such as TSE, ce) and register the com tr domain name. At the same time, trademark registration is a necessity in sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Allows You to Enter International Markets

The principle of territoriality applies to trademark registration. In other words, trademarks benefit from the rights and protections within the borders of the country where they are registered. For this reason, especially exporting companies are required to register their brands in the countries they export to. Otherwise; they may not be able to carry out the trade they want to do with those countries, and they may face legal sanctions.

Bünyamin Esen

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